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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

GIVEAWAY!!! Bo Bunny Learning Curve


Oh my goodness, the excitement!! Our very first GIVEAWAY!!!  It's so easy to win!!
Hurray!!! A Giveaway!!!

We'd like to celebrate the opening of our new blog.  We're so excited to have the blog up and running and can't wait to see what a fantastic community of supportive, creative, wonderful people we can help come together.  As I'm sure you're all aware, its very easy to become a follower of a blog--although we prefer the term "a2z craft club" members.

ALL you have to do, is sign up to become a follower BEFORE the 30th of September and you get an entry to win!! (You might as well sign up to get our blog updates via email OR the reader while you're there *wink*).  If you've already signed up to be an a2z Craft Club member, then you are already entered!!

How simple is that?!

Now...for the juicy details on what you could win!!  Are you ready?? Do I have your full attention?!

Listening closely??
Ok, *drumroll* the prize will be a Bo Bunny Learning Curve pack. For every 5 followers, we will add to the pack, making it even bigger and better than it already is!!

Here are a few of the items you could win;
Bo Bunny Learning Curve Blackboard Paper
Bo Bunny Learning Curve Chipboard
Bo Bunny Learning Curve Stickers 
Bo Bunny Learning Curve Epoxy Brads
*sigh*. This is SUCH a pretty collection.  I just love that it is so retro but still so versatile.  I'm planning on breaking out mine as soon as I finish typing this--I've come up with an idea and I think it will be a nice spin on the traditional Back to School theme.

So!! To recap--it is possibly the world's easiest giveaway contest!!

Step 1: finish reading this entry
Step 2: Move your mouse over to the 'followers' section. (You'll see the sign a2z Crafting Club and a little button that says 'follow')
Step 3: CLICK!!
Step 4: Choose which of your usernames you'd like to use (you can choose from Yahoo account names, Google names etc etc)

That's it!

Easy right?!

So---go get to it!! We can't wait to see how many of your become members of our club!

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  1. Just love the picture of the kitten, that is so funny, great job.


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