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Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas cards to inspire Day 3: Distress Resist

Hello again my dears!!

How are you all today? I'm DYING of heat exhaustion here in Perth today.  We're not even out of Spring yet and it was 36 degrees Centigrade here today. (That's 96.8 F) I was quite a bit like the Wicked Witch of the West this afternoon when I went out the front to get the mail...I'M MELTIIIIIIIIIIIIING *wink* (but without the socks and green skin haha!)

So anyhoo--welcome to Day three of my Christmas Card Inspiration Week!  Let's get straight to the card--I'm pretty happy with this one :).

The techniques I used on this one are Heat embossing and a technique called "Resist".

Here's how I did it:
The embossing will resist the distress ink you put over the top. Just make sure you wipe over your embossed areas to remove any excess distress ink that might be there and to really make your embossing powder's color shine through. (this is the technique called "Resist). 

I'm starting to really utilise the insides of my cards now. I love adding a little something extra wherever I can.

Anyhoo, that's it! Super easy and it would really be easy to make multiples of these! I'd just stamp the Wreath image all over a bigger piece of cardstock and emboss it all, then cut it down to size! 

One more quick note--You can do the first few steps in the opposite order; the distress inks first and then add the embossing over the top.  This will only work when you are using colored embossing powder, but if you're using clear powder (so that the color of the cardstock underneath will show through), you must do the embossing first, then go over with your distress inks second.
(Because if the embossing powder is clear--and on top of distress inking- the distress inks will show through and you wont see your embossed image, it will just blend in with the distress inks colors.)

**A tip!!  If you do go the other way around (Distress ink first, then emboss over top), make sure the Distress Inks are completely dry before stamping the 'Versamarked' image (and most importantly, the embossing powder). If it's not dry, when you pour the embossing powder on, it will stick to the entire cardfront, not just the image you've stamped with the Versamark--very me *wink*
Have fun with this! It's a favourite technique of mine!

Talk to you tomorrow!

Linda xx

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