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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bibs and bobs...

Hello dears!!

Just a bit of a strange post today, a few bits and pieces and a bit of a favor to ask of you!

As those of you who frequent our little piece of bloggy heaven will no doubt have noticed, there is a small 'questionnaire' of sorts over to the left-hand side, asking what you'd like to see here on the blog.  A few people have responded and a resounding 100% of you asked for tutorials.  What I would like to know then, is what tutorials you would like?? 
tell me what you want...I'm all ears *wink*
LOL--sorry, I couldn't help myself with that one...

I've been given a message from (the other much more attractive :)) Linda that a few people have been mentioning to her a tutorial on the Copic Blender pen would be helpful, so that will be coming up shortly.  But what else?! Is there anything in specific?  Do you have a particular stamp that you've purchased from us and now it's home in your hot little hands, your mind is drawing a blank?? 

If you have something (or a few somethings! *wink*) that you would like to know more about, see put into a video tutorial (or a blog based picture tutorial if my video decides not to play fair!), or just more information--then PLEASE let me know!!! You can feel free to email me on and I'll do my  best to make sure to get a tutorial up for you!   Otherwise, of course, you can feel free to leave a comment below.

Onto other things--the new Scor-buddy mini-mats are here!! The scor-buddy is so cute I just want to squeak and now you can get the mat to complete the set!

We're also SUUUUUUUUUUUUUPER excited to be bringing you the gorgeous Whiff of Joy stamps!!! I'm a HUGE fan of Whiff of Joy and fell in love as soon as I saw their images.  We will be starting with a select few of their best stamps and be increasing our stock as you request it! So! If you see a WOJ Stamp you'd like us to get in, please feel free to contact us and let us know!

This card that I shared with you last week is completely Whiff of Joy images:

Lastly--we're very proud to be part of the Blog Candy being offered by the gorgeous Cammy and her team of Ainsley's Angels.  They are fundraising for Juvenile Diabetes--see their cute badge over -->>>that side.  If you click on the badge it will take you to their site where you can find out more information on the fantastic efforts!  If you have ANY chance to, please donate to this hugely worthy cause and let's find a cure!!

Anyhoo--I'm off to work on a layout that I'll be sharing with you all in the next few days!!

Take care and have a fabulous weekend!

Linda x

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  1. Thanks for asking for ideas/tutorials. I think it will be cool to run through some latest hot gadgets as to how to use them and maximize the use of them. For example, I just got a MS Score board...I'd love to hear any ideas on that.


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