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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas wishes

Happy Christmas Eve!!

This is just a short post as I don't want to keep you from your loved ones at this special time of year, but we at a2z Scrapbooking Supplies wanted to wish you all a very safe, wonderful and Merry Christmas.

Even though I'm sure many of you are just waking up or are going about your busy mornings, I (here in Australia) am just about to head off to bed.  Despite definitely NOT being a child any more, I still made my wish to Santa, I love the magic and possibilities that come with this special time of year.  If you can't believe in something unbelievable, then when can you?! Just now as I'm typing this to you, I heard a bump noise on the roof and for an instant my heartbeat quickens and I think "Could it be...?!" I'd prefer to believe than not personally.

Whether this time for you is a religious one or simply a time in which to spend some precious hours with loved ones, I hope you enjoy and are able to be filled (and fill those around you) with the spirit of Christmas--in it's truest form.  Not in the gift giving, but in the smiles of your loved ones, the laughter of children AND adults, the peace that can come if you truly seek it.  I hope your Christmas day's are filled with whatever you hope for.

I only finished this picture a few days ago, it's using all Whiff of Joy Stamps and a few Distress Inks for the backgrounds (and of course, Copic Markers) but I love the sense of serenity it evokes; the joy, the hope.  To be watching over any baby is precious and fills us with a 'something' most can't describe well, but to be watching over this baby--oh my.

I'm not (pardon the phrase) overly religious any more but I think that Christmas is a time to believe. No matter what it's a belief in. This picture (if I may say that of a stamped image) makes me feel belief. There is a relief, an outward sigh, a calmness I feel when I look at it.  I had planned to give it away as a gift but I couldn't let go of the sensation of peace it brings me, so it's now sitting on the wall directly in front of my craft desk. Bringing me that which I wish for you all this Christmas--peace, joy and calm.

We will be back before New Years but in case you don't check your emails or aren't near a computer for the next week or so (as I'm sure will be the case for many of you), please do stay safe over this holiday period and have a truly Happy New Years.

With all our best wishes to you all and your precious people--

Merry Christmas.

Linda and the a2z team xx

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  1. nerry Christmas!!!
    Nice card) The colouring is fantastic!!!


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